“For a long time my son was not receiving adequate speech therapy through the options we had been given by our school and insurance.  I was led to Ms. Suzanne and I began to see major improvements in my son’s speech and behavior. Ms. Suzanne is patient, caring and she goes above and beyond to make sure our speech therapy goals are being met. She is great at listening to concerns and helping find solutions. My son has been better able to communicate because of Ms. Suzanne, which has led my family and I to a better understanding of our son and his needs. We are so grateful to her and all she has accomplished.”


“As a homeschooling parent, I try to be extra careful to make sure my children don’t miss out on the screenings they would get in the public schools. When I was unsure if one of my children was speaking normally for their age, Suzanne was happy to tell me what was and was not appropriate developmentally. When one of my children needed some speech therapy, she worked with our schedule, and (most important to me) she really listened to me as a parent, and to my child. When I told her what my child would or would not be comfortable with, she paid attention. She has created a therapy space which is homey but professional. She has a secure video setup, so a parent can see everything going on in the therapy space, even while watching other children (who can play with toys in the room where the TV is set up). After a couple of sessions with Miss Suzanne, my child – who hadn’t previously spoken much at all, especially to strangers – said that talking to people was a favorite activity. The change has been wonderful – so much more confidence. I would recommend Suzanne Sawyer as a speech therapist to anyone, without reservations.”


“A year ago I suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting in multiple physical limitations, including impaired speech. Before my brain injury, I was a very social person. I really enjoyed making people laugh, and being the life of the party.

Since my speech impairment, my confidence has been wrecked.  I choose to be silent because of the embarrassment I feel, due to my inability to communicate well with others.

Three months ago I started speech therapy with Mrs. Sawyer, and I couldn’t be more excited! I have made significant improvements in a short amount of time. I have no one to thank but Mrs. Sawyer. She has been a great resource of knowledge, kindness, and patience. With Mrs. Sawyer’s help, my confidence is returning. I’m starting to be my ‘old self’ again! Mrs. Sawyer, I’m truly grateful for your commitment to excellence! Thank you!”


“Suzanne did a fabulous job helping us determine the ways to improve my son’s speech. She was able to diagnose underlying issues I didn’t realize existed. She worked well with our schedule. She was able to keep my son interested and motivated. She gave him the perfect level of ‘science’ and reasons why he needed to fix problems and do his practicing. this r4eally fit his personality and helped him see why he should put in the effort each week.”


“We put my 3.5 year old son in speech through our public school, but after a year, two different teachers, and no progress we finally…started with Miss Suzanne. I saw improvement in my son’s speech right away. I didn’t realize how drastic he was improving until others starting commenting and Miss Suzanne tested him again. My son loves coming to speech with Miss Suzanne over his other speech. She is always willing to help me as a parent to have the tools I need to help my son throughout the week. I love that she mostly plays games with him using his ‘real life’ to correct, encourage, and teach him. I would recommend her…to my friends. I’m so grateful we found her because she has been great for my son and I’m more confident he will be ready to start school next year thanks to Miss Suzanne.”


“Suzanne has been phenomenal working with my 7 year old daughter. She is professional, knowledgeable, and works so great with kids. After quickly identifying my daughter’s specific problems/needs she created a targeted program that has helped my daughter to progress. Her warm and caring disposition has helped my daughter to feel comfortable and at ease. We have loved working with Suzanne and would recommend her to anyone looking for speech therapy!”


“I have been so impressed with the work that Suzanne does. My son is 11 and we came for help with his ‘r.’ Suzanne could tell he had some underlying issues that needed to be fixed before working on his ‘r.’ I am seeing huge improvements and am so happy. Suzanne is very knowledgeable and good at assessing what needs to be done. Suzanne is also very great with children of all ages.”


“We have had a very positive experience working with Suzanne! My son has made improvements and increased his confidence with speaking. She’s been able to develop a good relationship with my son so he’ll trust and listen to what she tells him. I strongly recommend her services to anyone looking for a speech therapist!”