• Does my child need speech or language therapy?

There are many variables involved when determining if therapy is needed, so the only way to answer this question is to take into consideration your child’s age and abilities. Please contact us for a free phone consultation to discuss your concerns about your child’s speech and language development.

  • What is the difference between speech therapy and language therapy?

Speech therapy addresses abnormalities with the actual sounds used to produce speech (i.e. articulation and phonological disorders, fluency, voice, accent reduction, etc.). Therapy targeting language may work on deficits with receptive language (i.e. understanding language, following directions, meaning of words, cognitive skills associated with speech, etc.) and expressive language (i.e. proper word combinations for a given situation, putting words together, apraxia, social skills, etc.). Therapy from a licenced speech-language pathologist may also work on problems with swallowing (i.e. tongue thrust) or feeding issues (i.e. food aversion).

  • Why should I choose private therapy?

Private therapy offers more flexibility, and often faster progress, than therapy in other settings. Clients are not required to meet a certain standard or criteria to qualify for therapy services in the same way they are in schools. If a parent has concerns about communication, we can help! In the private therapy setting, caregivers are able to take an active role in identifying deficits, as well as being involved with actual therapy. They have the option of being right there directly involved in therapy, or observing therapy remotely in our observation room and learning how to work on specific goals when they are at home. Private therapy sessions are always individualized to the needs and preferences of you and your child.

  • Are there advantages of private pay vs. going through my insurance?

Therapy costs at Sawyer Speech and Language Therapy are equal to or lower than most insurance co-pays. However, with private pay, clients do not need to first obtain physician referrals (required for all insurances) or approval from their insurance to start therapy. Many insurance companies will not cover speech and language therapy services at all. With private pay clients still have the option of paying with their FSA or HSA accounts.

  • Does my child need to be assessed at your clinic to receive therapy?

No. If a child or client has already completed testing at another location (i.e. at school, a hospital, etc.) during the last year, that allows us to start doing actual therapy immediately. Please bring any copies of current assessments or IEP’s to your first session.

  • How long will my child need therapy?

This will depend on many factors. We understand that attending therapy is a big commitment of time and resources, so our goal is to complete therapy services as quickly as possible. Clients who work on goals at home and follow the suggestions from their therapist each week will move through therapy much faster than those who only work during actual therapy sessions.